Journeys with Kitty Maguire

Kitty Maguire is a yoga teacher based in Dublin, she runs classes in various studios about the city, and is one of the creators of Yocella – a yin yoga class that you do to live cello.

I wanted to talk to Kitty as part of the Journeys series, because over the years that I have known her, I have seen her come up with a number of projects like that of Yocella, and was curious to learn more about her creative process.

If there is one thing I have learnt about Kitty through our chat it is that she loves people.  She adores the people in her life, and can’t wait to meet those who will cross her path in the future.  It is this love for people that guides everything she does, from her day to day work to the projects she undertakes, and her approach to doing them.  She appreciates the simple things in life and is very grateful for everything she has in this world.  A good day for Kitty is one in which she gets to use her body and engage with others, a not so good one is when she has to sit in front of the computer banging keys.  Kitty is a beautiful person from her deepest core, to the ends of her fingers and toes!  Her Journey to date has brought wisdom in her still youthful years.   Have a listen, I hope you enjoy.

Find out more about Kitty and work she does; , Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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Reflections on our chat

Reflections on life

  • Appreciate great teachers – they can change your world.
  • If you really want something – be persistent.
  • Sometimes “Your dream” might not turn out as expected – and that’s OK
  • Be aware of your ego and don’t let it stop you from engaging in a particular area of study or work – be open to trying new things.  Sometimes in life you can find joy in work you never expected.
  • It is OK to do something and then change, in fact, its good, that’s how we learn.
  • When you find that thing that lights you up – you will be able to read a book on that!
  • It’s good to be “lovin yourself”.  In fact, a bit more of that would be good for us all.

Reflections on being your own boss

  • You have to do the boring stuff as well as the fun stuff.
  • You must to commit to yourself as a business.
  • Learn to trust your instinct.
  • Be patient.
  • Take time to empty your head, get all your ideas on paper and make a plan.
  • If you have an idea – throw it out there, just give it a go
  • Self employment is hard work and can be lonely – find collaborators who share your passions.  Drive each other forward to greatness!
  • Celebrate your success.


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