Journeys with Pete Campbell

Pete Campbell is the founder of Find Your Body with Pete and the genius behind one of the most informative and entertaining fitness Facebook pages I know.  At the end of 2016 I asked Pete if he would be up for being part of the Journeys podcast, and I am delighted he agreed.

I have known Pete since we were children.  I have watched with interest over the last few years as he has not only built a successful personal training business, but also as he has created a strong brand, that is truly authentic to who he is as a person, using the medium of video.

Pete’s goal is simple, help people attain health and happiness.  This is what drives him. He is passionate about what he does, you can hear it when he talks, you can see it in his videos, and it is apparent in the amount of things he manages to fit into the 24 hours he is given each day.  However, Pete would be the first to admit that if you told him 10 years ago that this would be what he would be doing now, he would have laughed heartily, and then returned to his chicken baguette, Bulmers and Marlboros.

I have found Pete to be an inspiration, both from a personal development perspective as well as a business perspective. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Petes bumpy Journey to becoming a personal trainer, as well as discussing his approach to social media, why he feels the medium of video is so important and how an individuals drive is the essential ingredient for any change.

Find out more about Pete and work he does; , Facebook, Snapchat.

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Reflections on our chat

Reflections on life

  • In life, you need to be allowed to go of track and be a little wild.
  • Nobody is normal, we’re all mad.
  • The tough times and challenges need to happen to help us find our way to the good times
  • If you are interested in something, tell people, talk about it.  You may be surprised at what opportunities come your way by simply putting it out there.
  • If you want to achieve something, you have to have the drive.  Without that, it won’t happen.  Always go back to the “why?”, why are you doing it?
  • If you have the drive and want to succeed, you will.  You may fail many times on the way to the win, but just keep moving. Learn from every failure.
  • Do more.  You’re going to die.

Reflections on running a business

  • Vlogging takes practice.  You need to learn to talk to the camera.
  • Find your niche.  Vlogging is certainly a growth area.  It requires the content to be good quality, educational and entertaining.  And most importantly, not too long.
  • You have a duty of care for your followers,  edit your content to provide a positive message.  There is already enough negativity out there in the world.
  • You’re going to fail more than you win – if you lose, treat it like a win. Learn.



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