Journeys with Elva Carri

Elva Carri is one of the three wonderful women behind GirlCrew, a social platform for women, that has grown rapidly in the 3 years since it started.  It is now in 46 cities globally with 85,000 members and are getting ready to launch their own app!

I had so much fun talking with Elva, she has an infectious energy that you can’t help being impacted by.  Elva’s journey has taken her from Art student, to artist, to social media guru, to product manager and tech company CEO.  Yet she remains grounded, with an appreciation for the simple things, a nice cup of tea, listening to music and hanging out with family and friends.

Elva has a very playful approach to life, which is not surprising given that her thesis in art college had the theme of “Fun”, and she has been known to wear funny hats in an effort to make less likeable tasks fun!  This playful approach has given Elva a very healthy approach to failure, with the attitude of just try it, and if it fails, learn from it.

Behind this playfulness however, Elva has a very real and serious goal, to have a lasting impact on this world, leaving it in a better way than she found it.  Girl Crew is just the beginning of that part of her Journey.

Find out more about Elva and Girl Crew at , Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

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Reflections on life

  • Missing deadlines is not the end of the world, even big ones.  Life has a funny way of figuring itself out.
  • Having fun is VERY important.
  • By all means have a plan, but be open to it changing – a lot, sometimes.
  • The process of doing something is just as important as the end result.
  • We all hit low points, when that happens, try to find one thing that you enjoy or can get excited about.  Use it to help find your direction again.
  • Our brain is a wonderful organic computer!
  • Appreciate the small things.
  • Always look for one positive thing in any situation/person.

Reflections on running a Tech Start up

  • Staying in your old job, while starting your own company while challenging, allows you time to hit the ground running.
  • You don’t need to be a morning person to be successful in business.
  • Take risk and make your mistakes early.
  • Hiring is one of the scariest things, because you can do everything right, and still get it wrong – and its a big cost, financially, culturally and productivity wise.  When at all possible, hire someone internally, and make sure they are onboard with your vision.

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