Journeys with Shane Supple

Earlier this year I got to talk with Shane Supple.  Shane is a goalkeeper for the League of Ireland club Bohemians, and former goalkeeper of the English club Ipswich Town. Never in my life did I think I would be interviewing a footballer, never mind a professional one. But life is odd like that, it brings you things you never expect!

Myself & Shane’s paths crossed during the summer this year, when he shadowed a group coaching  session I was doing.   When I learnt that he had walked away froma career in football at 22, I knew straight away I had to interview him!

I loved talking with Shane, partly due to his softly spoken tone, but mostly because of his fascinating story.  Not only is he a footballer, but he is a career coach, and a mentor.  He has run his own business and spent time working in a carer.  Although only 30 years old, his experience of leaving home, and entering an adult world at the young age of 15 has given him wisdom well beyond his years.

Reflections on our conversation

  • When things don’t go as you expect there can be surprising up sides
  • “the dream” isn’t always what you expect
  • Trusting your colleagues and those around you is key to enjoying what you do
  • If you are not liking where you are or what you are doing, try some small changes, test where exactly the problem might be & reflect on the impact of these changes
  • Recognise when you are doing something, not for yourself, but for fear of disappointing others
  • Don’t let something you said in the past stop you doing something now – don’t limit yourself
  • Take time to identify the things that really give you joy
  • If you find something that you really enjoy, do it, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks
  • The environment you are in and the people around you are everything
  • Not everything you do needs to be successful, as long as you learn from it
  • Realise the the value in your experiences and use what you have learned to help others
  • Trust your instinct, trust your gut feelings
  • Older people don’t always know whats best – Sometimes you are right even though you are young
  • Strive to keep your curiosity and inquisitiveness – don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Age doesn’t matter when it comes to friendships
  • Footballers do pilates & yoga!


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