Journeys with Shane Supple

Earlier this year I got to talk with Shane Supple.  Shane is a goalkeeper for the League of Ireland club Bohemians, and former goalkeeper of the English club Ipswich Town. Never in my life did I think I would be interviewing a footballer, never mind a professional one. But life is odd like that, it brings you things you never expect!

Myself & Shane’s paths crossed during the summer this year, when he shadowed a group coaching  session I was doing.   When I learnt that he had walked away froma career in football at 22, I knew straight away I had to interview him!

I loved talking with Shane, partly due to his softly spoken tone, but mostly because of his fascinating story.  Not only is he a footballer, but he is a career coach, and a mentor.  He has run his own business and spent time working in a carer.  Although only 30 years old, his experience of leaving home, and entering an adult world at the young age of 15 has given him wisdom well beyond his years.

Reflections on our conversation

  • When things don’t go as you expect there can be surprising up sides
  • “the dream” isn’t always what you expect
  • Trusting your colleagues and those around you is key to enjoying what you do
  • If you are not liking where you are or what you are doing, try some small changes, test where exactly the problem might be & reflect on the impact of these changes
  • Recognise when you are doing something, not for yourself, but for fear of disappointing others
  • Don’t let something you said in the past stop you doing something now – don’t limit yourself
  • Take time to identify the things that really give you joy
  • If you find something that you really enjoy, do it, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks
  • The environment you are in and the people around you are everything
  • Not everything you do needs to be successful, as long as you learn from it
  • Realise the the value in your experiences and use what you have learned to help others
  • Trust your instinct, trust your gut feelings
  • Older people don’t always know whats best – Sometimes you are right even though you are young
  • Strive to keep your curiosity and inquisitiveness – don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Age doesn’t matter when it comes to friendships
  • Footballers do pilates & yoga!


Journeys with Elva Carri

Elva Carri is one of the three wonderful women behind GirlCrew, a social platform for women, that has grown rapidly in the 3 years since it started.  It is now in 46 cities globally with 85,000 members and are getting ready to launch their own app!

I had so much fun talking with Elva, she has an infectious energy that you can’t help being impacted by.  Elva’s journey has taken her from Art student, to artist, to social media guru, to product manager and tech company CEO.  Yet she remains grounded, with an appreciation for the simple things, a nice cup of tea, listening to music and hanging out with family and friends.

Elva has a very playful approach to life, which is not surprising given that her thesis in art college had the theme of “Fun”, and she has been known to wear funny hats in an effort to make less likeable tasks fun!  This playful approach has given Elva a very healthy approach to failure, with the attitude of just try it, and if it fails, learn from it.

Behind this playfulness however, Elva has a very real and serious goal, to have a lasting impact on this world, leaving it in a better way than she found it.  Girl Crew is just the beginning of that part of her Journey.

Find out more about Elva and Girl Crew at , Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

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Reflections on life

  • Missing deadlines is not the end of the world, even big ones.  Life has a funny way of figuring itself out.
  • Having fun is VERY important.
  • By all means have a plan, but be open to it changing – a lot, sometimes.
  • The process of doing something is just as important as the end result.
  • We all hit low points, when that happens, try to find one thing that you enjoy or can get excited about.  Use it to help find your direction again.
  • Our brain is a wonderful organic computer!
  • Appreciate the small things.
  • Always look for one positive thing in any situation/person.

Reflections on running a Tech Start up

  • Staying in your old job, while starting your own company while challenging, allows you time to hit the ground running.
  • You don’t need to be a morning person to be successful in business.
  • Take risk and make your mistakes early.
  • Hiring is one of the scariest things, because you can do everything right, and still get it wrong – and its a big cost, financially, culturally and productivity wise.  When at all possible, hire someone internally, and make sure they are onboard with your vision.

Journeys with Pete Campbell

Pete Campbell is the founder of Find Your Body with Pete and the genius behind one of the most informative and entertaining fitness Facebook pages I know.  At the end of 2016 I asked Pete if he would be up for being part of the Journeys podcast, and I am delighted he agreed.

I have known Pete since we were children.  I have watched with interest over the last few years as he has not only built a successful personal training business, but also as he has created a strong brand, that is truly authentic to who he is as a person, using the medium of video.

Pete’s goal is simple, help people attain health and happiness.  This is what drives him. He is passionate about what he does, you can hear it when he talks, you can see it in his videos, and it is apparent in the amount of things he manages to fit into the 24 hours he is given each day.  However, Pete would be the first to admit that if you told him 10 years ago that this would be what he would be doing now, he would have laughed heartily, and then returned to his chicken baguette, Bulmers and Marlboros.

I have found Pete to be an inspiration, both from a personal development perspective as well as a business perspective. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Petes bumpy Journey to becoming a personal trainer, as well as discussing his approach to social media, why he feels the medium of video is so important and how an individuals drive is the essential ingredient for any change.

Find out more about Pete and work he does; , Facebook, Snapchat.

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Reflections on our chat

Reflections on life

  • In life, you need to be allowed to go of track and be a little wild.
  • Nobody is normal, we’re all mad.
  • The tough times and challenges need to happen to help us find our way to the good times
  • If you are interested in something, tell people, talk about it.  You may be surprised at what opportunities come your way by simply putting it out there.
  • If you want to achieve something, you have to have the drive.  Without that, it won’t happen.  Always go back to the “why?”, why are you doing it?
  • If you have the drive and want to succeed, you will.  You may fail many times on the way to the win, but just keep moving. Learn from every failure.
  • Do more.  You’re going to die.

Reflections on running a business

  • Vlogging takes practice.  You need to learn to talk to the camera.
  • Find your niche.  Vlogging is certainly a growth area.  It requires the content to be good quality, educational and entertaining.  And most importantly, not too long.
  • You have a duty of care for your followers,  edit your content to provide a positive message.  There is already enough negativity out there in the world.
  • You’re going to fail more than you win – if you lose, treat it like a win. Learn.



Journeys with Kitty Maguire

Kitty Maguire is a yoga teacher based in Dublin, she runs classes in various studios about the city, and is one of the creators of Yocella – a yin yoga class that you do to live cello.

I wanted to talk to Kitty as part of the Journeys series, because over the years that I have known her, I have seen her come up with a number of projects like that of Yocella, and was curious to learn more about her creative process.

If there is one thing I have learnt about Kitty through our chat it is that she loves people.  She adores the people in her life, and can’t wait to meet those who will cross her path in the future.  It is this love for people that guides everything she does, from her day to day work to the projects she undertakes, and her approach to doing them.  She appreciates the simple things in life and is very grateful for everything she has in this world.  A good day for Kitty is one in which she gets to use her body and engage with others, a not so good one is when she has to sit in front of the computer banging keys.  Kitty is a beautiful person from her deepest core, to the ends of her fingers and toes!  Her Journey to date has brought wisdom in her still youthful years.   Have a listen, I hope you enjoy.

Find out more about Kitty and work she does; , Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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Reflections on our chat

Reflections on life

  • Appreciate great teachers – they can change your world.
  • If you really want something – be persistent.
  • Sometimes “Your dream” might not turn out as expected – and that’s OK
  • Be aware of your ego and don’t let it stop you from engaging in a particular area of study or work – be open to trying new things.  Sometimes in life you can find joy in work you never expected.
  • It is OK to do something and then change, in fact, its good, that’s how we learn.
  • When you find that thing that lights you up – you will be able to read a book on that!
  • It’s good to be “lovin yourself”.  In fact, a bit more of that would be good for us all.

Reflections on being your own boss

  • You have to do the boring stuff as well as the fun stuff.
  • You must to commit to yourself as a business.
  • Learn to trust your instinct.
  • Be patient.
  • Take time to empty your head, get all your ideas on paper and make a plan.
  • If you have an idea – throw it out there, just give it a go
  • Self employment is hard work and can be lonely – find collaborators who share your passions.  Drive each other forward to greatness!
  • Celebrate your success.



In 2017 I am going to kick of a podcast called Journey’s.  I am fascinated by the roads people take, and the often unusual turns that lead them to the life they live today.   We often struggle to make decisions, and make changes in our life.  I am very guilty of this.  I do A LOT of talking, and not enough DOING.  So I am delighted to be DOING this podcast,  I get explore what life looks like for different people, what roads they have taken and find out what tips and tricks they have for us as we walk our own path.



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