Life Design Workshops

In this fast paced, always on world, finding the time, and space to consider what is next for us in life can be challenging.   Our Life Design Workshops create this space , allowing individuals to explore their needs,  refresh their sense of direction, and identify some steps they can take now, to design a life and career that works for them.

Using a combination of design thinking methodology and coaching techniques,  we help you make change, build resilience and increase your overall satisfaction with life.  Thus fulfilling our mission to create happier people, teams & societies.

Over the course we will support you in:

  • Looking inwards, exploring what is important to you and identifying what makes you tick
  • Identifying what direction you are heading and what milestones you would like to hit along the way
  • Developing a more playful approach to life and using prototyping to help you to take action without fear


img_4223Lucy Mc Kenna is a personal and social development enthusiast with extensive experience in designing and delivering innovative learning programmes, aimed at building resilience and preparing for a career in the business world.  Lucy is a certified coach and has MA in Interactive Media Design.  She has spent 12 years working with organisations such as Google, Eircom and Aer Lingus, across Learning & Development, Sales, Marketing and Project Management.   She now runs Full Aeon, where the overarching goal is to create happier people, team and societies.  Using design thinking approaches, coaching techniques and mindfulness practices, Full Aeon deliver programmes that support individuals and teams explore what is important to them, connect to their potential, and create a future of purpose and fulfilment.


Edel Gallagher has worked with Irish and Australian educational organisations in the fields of leadership development and school improvement and has many years experience in course design, resource development and training. With a background in multimedia and communications, Edel currently works in social innovation education. She is a qualified coach and facilitator, and helps individual clients to identify what they truly want in life, supporting them to design actions and goals which enrich them, in a creative and thought-provoking way.

If you are interested in attending these workshops please use the form below to express interest and we will get in touch when new dates are set.