Aeon (pronounced “eon”) historically refers to “life” , “vital force” or “being”.  At Full Aeon our core belief is that each individual has their own “vital force”, something great to bring to this world, and they should have the opportunity to explore and live this.

design thinkingWe use research and techniques of experts in the areas of Design, Meditation, and Psychology to develop programs that support individuals in designing a life of purpose and fulfilment; and organisations in designing resilient and positive work environments

Full Aeon Story

img_4223Full Aeon was created by me,  Lucy Mc Kenna, for one simple reason, I want to make the world a truly happier place.  My own journey to date, has helped me realise that I love people, I think we are amazing and fascinating creatures, with huge potential, and I love the natural world that we are part of.  There are two things that are important to me, first, that everyone has the opportunity to be happy, and second, that we hand over healthy and sustainable world to future generations.  I believe that these two things work hand in  hand, if each individual feels empowered to live a life of purpose and fulfilment, it will naturally lead to them having a positive impact in the societies and world we live in.

I have spent 12 years working with organisations such as Google, Eircom and Aer Lingus, across Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Design and Learning & Development.  Using my background and experience in these areas,  I created Full Aeon, with the lofty goal of making the world a happier place, by empowering people to design a life, business or team that brings purpose and fulfilment.

Full Aeon Tribe

Innovation requires input from a lots of different eyes and a variety of perspectives. My best work is done when I share my thoughts with others, it gives my ideas opportunity to grow and develop.  I work with experts across a variety backgrounds, from designers to mindfulness experts to teachers, facilitators and coaches, to design and develop Full Aeon programs.


Edel Gallagher has worked with Irish and Australian educational organisations in the fields of leadership development and school improvement and has many years experience in course design, resource development and training. With a background in multimedia and communications, Edel currently works in social innovation education. She is a qualified coach and facilitator, and helps individual clients to identify what they truly want in life, supporting them to design actions and goals which enrich them, in a creative and thought-provoking way.

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Morag Keating Abernethy is a Learning and Development facilitator and coach.  With 15 years of training and development experience. Designing and developing bespoke training material for local and global entities.  Delivering training to First Level Leaders and staff .   Morag has worked with organisations such as Wood Ltd, Skills Development Scotland, Shirlie Project and Strathclyde University respectively.  She has extensive experience of one to one coaching and mentoring, as well being a trained graphic and personal development plan facilitator.

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Jess Hayden Consultant Facilitator, MSc
Jess is an organisational psychologist and facilitator who uses design thinking tools and evidence based approaches to design and deliver learning events. When she’s not running her business Elan Vital, she collaborates with us at Full Aeon to create and facilitate fun, innovative workshops.


We are always looking for interesting collaborations, so if you have a project you think we might be interested in, do not hesitate to get in touch