Students & Teachers

Knowing what we want from life is for many of us a life long quest, and that journey starts young.  Below you can find programs which design specifically to help students and teacher in this area.

Life Design Workshop for students

So often we hear young students ask the question, “What do I do with my life”.   They look for a sense of direction and understanding of what it means to realise their greatest selves.  The Life Design Workshop has been designed to help young people answer these questions.  We run this program with Transition Year students as well as those transitioning out of Secondary School or University.

Life Design for educators

The role of an educator is one of the most valuable in guiding our young people to being who they want to be in this world.  Our Life Design mentoring program is a train the trainer session that enables teachers and educators do deliver the Life Design workshop. This program would be recommended specifically for those working with students in senior cycle, and in university.