“Lucy is a fabulous design thinker, strong facilitator, amazing coach, and a wonderful human being! Thanks to Lucy’s brilliant mind and heart we were able to co-design the most powerful Life Design school programme. And because working with her has been such a pleasure, we also asked Lucy to consult us on bringing Life Design into Google which turned out to be a great success, too. Lucy is an inspiring individual with multi-faceted skills to help people transform!”

Caro Schulz, Program Manager, Google Ireland


Catalyst-Inc-Logo“Lucy is a delight to work with, bringing creativity and a depth of knowledge to help us develop our first Hothouse at Catalyst Inc.  The Hothouse attracted a mixture of talented individuals from engineering, science and technology backgrounds and Lucy’s strong facilitation skills meant that the cohort gelled together well over 1½ days, forming teams and achieving the outcome that was set out for the programme.   The feedback has been excellent and we plan to run future Hothouses in the future, with Lucy’s help we can truly use design thinking to encourage our co-founders to make a difference to the knowledge economy in the coming years.”

Sonya Kerr, Programme Manger, Catalyst Inc

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 13.52.32“We have used Full Aeon to deliver a number of courses and they have been fantastic to deal with.  Lucy took the time to research and understand the Screen industry before delivering any course which meant there was immediate buy in from the participants.  They deliver excellent courses, that resonate with the participants, but are still fun and entertaining.   I look forward to working with Full Aeon into the future.”

Fran Keaveney, Screen Skills Executive for Film &TV Drama, Screen Skills Ireland.  


Lonely_PlanetLucy’s introductory workshop created a great, relaxed space for our team to take some time out to individually think about what’s important to them and identify their core values. Now that we have a shared understanding of how to identify these things and how they might be applied for a more satisfying life, I’m looking forward to seeing how we can find ways to work our core values into our workplace tasks and processes for a more satisfying workplace experience.

Angela Tinson, Associate Product Director


queens logo“Lucy delivered two introductory ‘Design Your Life’ workshops for The Graduate School during our Postgraduate Welcome Week. We were really impressed with how she delivered the sessions, so enthusiastic and flexible! The students feedback has been great – Lucy brings a fresh, innovative perspective to the link between postgraduate study and employability. We are really looking forward to bringing her back to deliver more sessions.”

Claire Harris, Enterprise & Community Officer, QUB


epi-use labs“My team work in high pressured, fast moving environment.  I reached out to Full Aeon because I wanted to give them the opportunity to focus on their own personal development, as well as encouraging them to take ownership of creating a healthy work/life balance.  Lucy spent time tailoring a program specifically to meet these needs.  She designed and delivered an engaging workshop that the team thoroughly enjoyed.   Lucy has a very unique and pragmatic approach to addressing personal development and wellbeing, and this was something that landed well with my team of 12 IT Consultants!  Many of the team have taken actions based on what was explored in the workshop and it has also encouraged them to be more open with me, and share , some of their career and life goals.”

Jamie Neilan, Director professional Services, EPI-USE Labs, Manchester

1:1 Coaching

I was in a rut career-wise and needed to make some changes but I kept going around in circles and didn’t know where to start. The one-to-one sessions that I had with Lucy were brilliant!  They were exactly what I needed to help me start the process of change and get a plan of action in place. Lucy asks all the right questions and is an excellent listener. The follow up emails that Lucy sent after each session contained everything I needed to enable me to move forward.  It was fantastic to have this practical list of tasks so I could explore my options in a very real way.  I now have short-term, mid-term and long-term career change plans that feel very achievable. The mantra that I’ve taken with me from the coaching sessions is Lucy’s phrase “Curiosity leads to opportunities”. Bring on the future!

Karen Hoey

Lucy is a multi talented individual with an ability to open up your closed doors. Being stuck in your career or just waking up one morning and asking yourself “What am I doing with my life??” can give you a feeling of hopelessness,  simultaneously convincing and denying yourself what the right thing is to do next.  Lucy, with her tact and skill, managed to snap me into focus. Giving me a new belief in myself and bringing the internal monologue of fear, out into a dialog.  Lucy acknowledges these fears, but manages to put them just beside on a shelf and work through each element systematically, to lay a logical path before you. Reminding you who you are, highlighting your strengths  and giving you a new breath of confidence in your abilities and yourself. She managed to “Snap me out of it” which led me to a wonderful new path of discovery and the sight to see endless opportunity I can apply myself to.  I am forever grateful.

Jacques Vermaak

As someone who has never considered working with a coach, or considered it something for me, I was so pleasantly surprised working with Lucy.  Having reached a point where I had some decisions to make about my future path, but not really wanting to think about it I signed up!  Lucy gave me the space to talk about myself in a way that I am not used to at all, but found to be very beneficial.  I was able to step out of what I thought I should be doing and realise what it is that I actually wanted.  With everything that was going on, I hadn’t really allowed myself to do this, but Lucy provided just what I needed and I gained some really deep insights into what I want right now. I would definitely recommend taking the time to schedule a few chats with Lucy; discovering what is in there might just surprise you!”

Orla, PhD Postgraduate

I had never considered working with a coach until a friend recommended Lucy to me. I’d never done anything like it before and didn’t think I needed it. I was very wrong. I’m not very good at talking about myself, especially not to a complete stranger but the minute I met Lucy I knew that wasn’t going to be a problem. She immediately put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable. I was at a turning point in my professional life and was quite unsure about what my next move should be. After a few sessions with Lucy I gained great clarity about what I wanted to do. Lucy gave me the perspective I needed and afforded me the opportunity to talk things through in a way i’d never experienced before. I am forever grateful to Lucy and would highly recommend her. 

Catherine Bowles